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Take a tour of Houston’s most beautiful homes of 2021

“The Garage Palace.” Contractor Brent Farrell finally started a big renovation of his own home in West U and has plenty of cool rooms inside, but he finished out what might have been the best garage project of the year. 

Check out the Houston Chronicle article here: Take a tour of Houston’s most beautiful homes of 2021

Ordinary home in West U reinvented as a modern farmhouse

Brent Farrell transforms his 1940s home in West University Place into a modern farm house with a two tiered, three car garage. His long time friend, Victoria Sheffield of Victoria Sheffield Interior + Exterior Design, collaborated with him on the project.

Check out the Houston Chronicle article here: Ordinary home in West U reinvented as a modern farmhouse

Which home renovations pay off?

Watch Brent Farrell of ReCraft and Lauren Freeman of Channel 2 News in this exclusive video segment:

ReCraft achieves EMERALD Certification from NAHB Research Center

ReCraft cuts one homes energy bills by over 80% and achieves an EMERALD Certification from NAHB Research Center! In November of 2011 ReCraft was awarded an Emerald Certified Green Building Certificate by saving one family over 80% on their electric bills and over 50% on their water consumption.

ReCraft is chosen as the head contractor and green construction consultant for Houston’s Energy Home Makeover Contest! – June 2011

The Thirty Green Radio Show (specializing in green construction and remodeling) does a yearly Energy Savings Makeover Contest and ReCraft Construction Services has been chosen to oversee the entire construction project! Over 700 applications were received! We reviewed the applications, verified bills, visited homes and narrowed the list to 3 homes. Viewers of KPRC Channel 2 have voted for the family they would like to receive the Energy Savings Makeover. Congratulations to Tim and Terri Garcia, announced June 10 as the winners.

Energy Savings Makeover:

The 2011 Thirty Green Energy Savings Makeover onsite work starts June 17, 2011. Brent Farrell of ReCraft Construction and Gary Parr (co-host of the Thirty Green Radio show and owner of Home Energy Consultants) will lead the team as they perform a complete energy audit on the Garcia home and devise a whole house plan turning this “energy hog” into an energy efficient home. The Thirty Green contractor team will preview the home and begin detailed planning for specific energy upgrades: windows, air conditioning, radiant barrier, attic sealing, attic insulation, attic ventilation, wall insulation and efficient plumbing and light fixtures. The KPRC channel 2 news team will be on site to capture the excitement.

Watch Brent on Channel 2 News: http://www.click2houston.com/news/28669955/detail.html

“It is a huge honor to be asked to head up such an amazing team of contractors and vendors. Everyone here has donated their time and materials to help this family turn their energy hog house into a super efficient home”, says Brent Farrell of ReCraft Construction Services. “I look forward to working with the team as well as the family and am excited about unveiling the final product”.

Brent Farrell Of ReCraft debutes on Houston radio to discuss Green Remodeling!! April 2011

Brent Farrell of ReCraft Construction Services debuted on the Thirty Green Radio Show in April 2011. The Thirty Green show (on “The Voice”, am 700 Saturdays from 2-4pm) informs consumers how to cut their home energy costs by 30% or more by taking some proven steps on the path to energy saving. ReCraft is an expert in helping families go “green” and significantly reducing their energy costs while at the same time creating awareness for the environment during the remodel process.

Host Marc McCoy stated: “There are many ways people can cut their energy costs when they remodel. They just need to be educated and not be intimidated by the “green” theme. Green is good, particularly when the result is more green money in your pocket, and that is exactly why we wanted Brent on the show”. While on air Brent Farrell discussed exactly how to do all of the above as well as took some calls to help people better understand the fastest way to get where they want to be when it comes to saving money.

ReCraft is awarded Houston’s very first “NAHB Research Center Green Certified” Remodeling Certificate – October 2009

ReCraft is proud to have been awarded the very first “National Association of Home Builders Research Center Green Certified” Certificate in the City of Houston for its 2009 medical center green remodel!

Paint goes green – Article from Houston Chronicle, Thursday November 25, 2010


Brent Farrell, president of ReCraft Construction Services, said he initially encountered some resistance from his workers when he began buying nontoxic paint.

“They know how they go on,” Farrell said, referring to the relative ease with which workers can apply familiar paint.

But Farrell, who took the training class in October, trained his painters that the high VOC-level paint they were using was a slow poison. It’s also been an education for some clients who automatically say they don’t want a green building because they figure it will cost too much.

ReCraft Donates a “Green Construction” Display for the City of Houston Green Building Resource Center

In early 2010 ReCraft was approached by Steve Stelzer, Program Director for the Green Building Resource Center, and asked if we would volunteer our time and materials to construct a display to educate the general public about the proper ways to do green building as well as give them the opportunity to touch and feel a wide range of green construction products. Please stop by to see our work!

ReCraft Donates a “Green” Dog House to the West University Elementary School Auction – October 2010

In September 2010 ReCraft was asked by the heads of the West U Elementary Auction Committee if we could build a custom dog house to be auctioned off at the annual fund raising event to benefit the students of the school. We were happy to built the dog house but decided to take it one step further…..we used all reclaimed green building materials. The dog house was constructed using solar shingles, radiant barrier roof, reclaimed slate tile, non toxic paints and fiber cement siding and trim.

ReCraft earns it’s “Green Painter Certification” in November of 2010

The GreenPainters program teaches Painters about sustainable and healthy paints, green business practices, and green terminology to certify painters as being experts on green paint, and to help them to join the sustainability revolution.

The GreenPainters, U.S. program is a not-for-profit corporation aimed at greening the paint industry and whose goal is to make green, healthy spaces affordable for everyone.

Brent Farrell of ReCraft Construction is chosen to judge Texas’ top archtectural designs

In May of 2011, the founder of ReCraft Construction, Brent Farrell, was honored to be chosen as one of only 3 industry leaders to judge the 2011 Texas Institute of Building Design Competition held annually across the state. The three judges picked the winners in many different categories for both residential and commercial design as well as the “best of show”.

“It was an honor to be chosen as a judge for this event” say Brent Farrell. “There were some amazing entries and it was a tough choice, but the winner in each category deserves the credit for such incredible designs and innovations”.

Read more: http://www.recrafthomes.com/recraft-in-the-news/

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