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Kitchen Remodel Houston – As part of a whole-home renovation, this kitchen went from a early 80’s throw-back to a totally updated chef’s kitchen. The home owners had tons of special requests since they were great cooks. Custom … self-closing cabinetry included unique sized drawers and built ins for high end kitchen gadgets like an in-counter rice steamer.  We added a ‘pot filler’, plumbing so that large pots could be filled with water while sitting on the over-sized stove top. Every detail was considered in the design and down to the touch free water faucet so that food-covered hands do not touch the knobs to be rinsed. The built- in center island and breakfast bar required moving walls to make space for this extra space, but the finished result was a room where people could sit and enjoy a glass of wine while the chef showed off her culinary skills. The granite counter tops were treated with a custom finish that looked like leather, which was accented with a beautiful quail egg blue color palette with several tones of the same color used for accent.